Open Space Project of The Bernardine Monastery Complex

“The Open Spaces of the Bernardine Monastery Complex” was the competition that took place on
18th November in 2012, in Lviv (Ukraine).
30 projects were submitted by competitors from the following 13 countries: Belgium, Bulgaria,
Canada,Czech Republic,Germany,Hungary,India,Portugal,Romania,Serbia,UK,Ukraine and USA.
Objective of the competition was to create a design for the public open spaces in and around the
Bernardine Monastery complex, located in the inner city of Lviv, Ukraine:
– that reflects the historical, spatial, social and environmental characteristics of the area;
– that preserves the unique existing characteristics of each of the open spaces and develop their;
qualities with new treatments and elements;
– that creates a unifying concept for the site as a whole and incorporate it into the existing urban
context,that enhances the site’s potential as a public recreational amenity.

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