Hotel Trosianets, Ukraine

The hotel is located in Ukraine in the Сarpathian mountains. The area is known for the temperate continental climate.
This is a tourist area. It is available all year round: skiing and snowboarding during winter; hiking and bike riding in summer.
The hotel is in a convenient location and has a well-developed infrastructure. Nearby is the railway and highway. The complex is located between the mountains, so the residents can enjoy a great view.
The total area of the hotel is 8194m2 or 9800yd2. The hotel has: single bed, double bed, deluxe rooms and underground parking on 31 cars. There are restaurant, bar and conference room also located on the ground floor.
External apperance of the hotel harmoniously blends into the mountain landscape. Wooden panels on the facades reflect the branches of trees. Large windows emphasize the feeling of being outdoors. Underground parking designed so, it doesn’t disturb natural surroundings and visitors can fully immerse in it.
A group of architects was working on the project. My main objective was to design exterior construction, improvement of landscape, rendering, and design drawings.O-Choban_portfolio21Plan

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